- Change of the company name to NEOENTDX


- Grand Prize for the second consecutive year in the virtual influencer category at the 7th Korea Corporate Awards

- First place at the 2021 CKL DEMODAY

- Launch of NEOENTDX brand & start of the production of Virtual Influencer

Developement of AI Virtual Influencer. Supplier to Tata Daewoo and Korea StartUp

- Close Beta of the virtual startup YiVH

- Launch of cartoon for laerning/visualization of KT IPTV

- Production of voice composition with the voices of counsellers from KB Card

- Selection for the Startup Growth Package to support ‘AI-Based Personalized Star Video Message Service’



- Development of the system that auto generates AI audiobook

- Establishment of audiobook at the Sungkyunkwan University

- Development of the audiobook platform

- Video making of educational cartoons from Kyowon Edu

- Production of audiobook from the novel, Gyeongseong Women's Club

- Webtoon production from the novels: Mask of emperor, How dare you, Her extraordinary patrons at night

- Selection as ‘TIPS’ from the Ministry of SMEs and Startups

- Selection as a SME for exponential growth and values of the year from 2020 Money Today

- Selection as a company for the support of AI voucher (Expression of feelings, STT for voice composition, Webtoon OCR)

- VentureSquare startup nomad

- Media Startup by the Korea Press Foundation

- Partnership agreement (Beaglestone, Kim Hyo-suk Academy, Brighting MC Academy, VIVIAN K-star)

- Industry-University collaboration with Kukmin University

- Establishment of NEOMINES, a Japanese local corporation of Neocomic Co., Ltd.


- Development of Webtoon Global Auto Publishing system

- Co-research with KAIST (Voice composition for each character)

- Announcement of Suwon Smart City artificial intelligence technology

- Co-production of the webtoon of Indonesian CIAO COMICS

- Establishment of a local translation inspection system in Vietnam

- Supply of MAZU Video contents for kids to Canada

- Grand Prize Award at the DIC Entrepreneurship Competition

- Won the prize named ‘JOYSOUND’ at the 2019 Startup Go!Go!

- Receipt of the appreciation plaque for the 9th IP Meister Program

- New media contents accelerating

- Selection of Deepchange league at Kyowon Deepchange Startup Prize

- Selection as ‘Startup Making Start’ from Suwon Industry Promotion Agency

- Study on the R&D Support Project of seoul National University Industry-Academic Cooperation Group Selection

- Kwangwoon University National Human Resources Development Consortium Project Agreement

- Agreement with Hanyang University's Erica for the Early Employment Contract

- Kwangwoon University National Human Resources Development Consortium Agreement

- Digitech High School Industry-Academic Cooperation Agreement

- Business agreement with UNIVR for fostering global character creators

- Establishment Agreement with HighVoice for Global Translation and Dubbing System


- Corporation establishment in Jul. 2018

- Grand prize at the DIC start-up competition

- The Excellence Award at the 4.0 Startup Competition held by the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund

- Third place at the Unification Busines Hackerthon by the Asia Economic Community Foundation

- Excellent Award for G-START C Content MakerTone

- Investment attraction from the trust guarantee funds

- Investment attraction from CompanyB

- Selected as a company for investment recommendation by Seoul Startup Hub

- Selection of UrbanTech Accelerating

- NaoBun IP Management & agreement for contents co-production

- Agreement with Bu-mo Co,. Ltd for the exclusive use of contents

- MOU (Copin webtoon, Meitcorp, Lima, Philobiz, Cream media, Media bridge, Consultube)