Neocomix-2019 Awarded at Smart Tech Global Demo Day
Global SNS automatic webtoon publishing service based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology spotlighted
AI Webtoon startup NEOCOMIX-Sejong University signing agreement “Will take the lead in training professionals”
NEOCOMIX- 'Jang Young-eun' Korean artist 'Art Product Contract'
NEOCOMIX Signed to Produce Merchandises Based on More Than 30,000 Korean Fine-Art Works
Final Demoday of NEXEED Accelerating Program Held on 16th
NEOCOMIX and HI Voice Agreed on Global Export of Korean Webtoons
NEOCOMIX Signs Agreement with CIAYO Comics, an Indonesian Webtoon Platform
NEOCOMIX Signs IP Management Agreement with Indonesia’s NaoBun Project
NEOCOMIX Raised 1.5 Billion Fund Including RCPS via Start-Up Nest Program
All Ideas Lead to DMC! DMC Innovation Camp Successfully Held
NEOCOMIX Sponsors Work Space for Webtoon Creators
NEOCOMIX Signed Copyright Agreement on Global Publishing of Sero the Boy of Good Habit, an Animation by Bumo Studio
Korea Credit Guarantee Fund Hosts the Launch Ceremony of the 4th Start-Up Nest Program
Pangyo Techno Valley Launches Startup Demo Day Called Pangyo One-Shot Project
NEOCOMIX, an AI-Based Webtoon Startup, Successfully Funded by Company B
Training Session for Grantees of the 4th NEST Accelerating Program by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund
Kick-off of NEXEED Accelerating Program on July 23
Final Rounds of the 8th Smart Tech Global Demo Day
Future of High-Tech Industry Led by AI and Block Chain