about neocomix


- 한양대 erica 조기취업계약학과 협약 (2-3학년 현장근무)

- 교원 딥체인지 스타트업프라이즈(딥체인지리그 선정)

- 론치패드 일본 선정(한화드림플러스 입주, 일본 법인설립 진행)

- 수퍼끼어로 6기 선정

- 경기START판교 지원사업 선정

- 뉴미디어 콘텐츠 엑셀러레이팅 선정

- 나의라임오렌지나무 온라인판권 계약 진행


- 1인창조 마케팅 지원사업 선정

- 수요맞춤형 해외마켓참가(인도네시아)

- 2019 스마트테크 데모데이 2등 수상

- 카이스트 공동연구(캐릭터별 음성합성)

- 서울대 산학협력단 R&D지원사업 위탁연구


- Application for military service exemption

  (Recommended by KISA)

- Signed University-Industry Agreement with Digitech High School

- Kwangwoon University Human Resources Development Consortium Agreement


- Joint MOU on the provision of content and joint production of contents for overseas advancement program (Japan) that exists for start-ups

- Signing copyright usage and marketing agreements

  (Philipil Total Design Company)

- Smart Content Global Service Infrastructure Support Project Selection

  (Information and Communications Industry Promotion Agency「NIPA」)

- Establishing a local translation inspection system in Vietnam

- Jang Young-eun'signed copyright agreement and marketing


- Signed a joint research agreement with KAIST

-Development of the character “Mighty Mind Rabbit”

(Publishing, emoji (emoticon), character merchandises)

- Exclusive contract on Records of the Three Kingdoms by Lee Hee Jae and Yi Mun-yol (Series of 10 - OEM production of Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union campaign webtoon and film

(Campaign against privatization of health care)

- Completed an outsourced work of Kim Soo-jung, a creator of Dooly “Seven Spoons”

- To participate in ASIA-EU Cartoon Connection 2019


- Amazon Rocket Start Program

- Contract with Mazu(Canada, Social Media for Kids)

about contents publishing, service localization

- Grantee of the Startup Making Star Program

(Seongnam Industry Promotion Agency)

- Research Center Certified by KOITA (Ministry of Science and ICT)


Signing and execution of a webtoon co-production agreement with CIAYO Comics, the largest Indonesian Webtoon Platform


- Agreement on establishing a global translation and dubbing system

(NEOCOMIX X Hi-Voice Collaboration)

- Agreed to promote global character creation businesses



- Signed a webtoon supply and co-production agreement

with CIAYO Comics, an Indonesian webtoon platform

- Signed an IP management and co-production agreement

with NaoBun, an Indonesian IP management company


- 3rd place in Unification Business Hackathon

Host: Asia Economic Community Foundation

- Selected as “a startup worth investing” by Seoul Startup Hub

(Host: Seoul Startup Hub)

- 1st prize in DIC Startup Award 2018

Host: DMC Network Foundation, Seoul Business Agency

- Raised 1.5 billion won in funding from Korea Credit Guarantee Fund

Estimated to have the enterprise value at a multiple of 32.8 (including RCPS).


IR event in Tianjin, China

(Host: Gyeonggido Business & Science Accelerator)


- Received Venture Company Certificate

- Exclusive content use agreement with Bumo Studio

Sero the Boy of Good Habit, a 24-episode animation series

- Sponsored work space for webtoon creators

(Sangam S-Plex Center)


- Grantee of Urbantech Lab’s accelerating program

- Investment from Company B

- Admitted into Startup NEST Program


- MOU with Netsmos Co., Ltd. (WibeeToon of Woori Bank)

- Grantee of NEXEED Accelerating Program

- Proceeded to the main rounds of K-Startup League

- Corporate foundation of NEOCOMIX Inc.

- Grantee of Startup Pre-NEST


- Prize of Excellence in KODIT 4.0 Startup Award 2018

- MOU with MEIT Corporation


- MOU with Copin Communications Co., Ltd.






- MOU with Lima Co., Ltd.

- MOU with PhiloBiz Inc.

- MOU with Creammedia Co., Ltd.

- MOU with Mediabridge Co., Ltd.

- MOU with Consultube

- Appointed as Director for PRISM, a network for young entrepreneurs


- Prize of Excellence in G-START C Hackathon for Creators 2018

- Received one-million-won prize (Gyeonggi Content Agency)


- Won a prize in New Job Idea 2017 (Seoul)

- Prize of Excellence in G-Startup League 2017 - 5 million won






- One of the first enterprises admitted into Enterprise Support Hub, Pangyo