about neocomix

Culture and Freedom of NEOCOMIX

True Values

1. Judgment: Make wise and quick judgement even in ambiguous situations.

2. Communication: Try to respect, understand, and carefully listen to others with a calm and simple attitude.

3. Impact: Bring your ideas quickly into action and produce outstanding results

4. Curiosity: Always try to learn about strategies, markets, customers, enterprises, businesses, and entertainment.

5. Innovation: Always push your limits to find better ways to solve your problems.

6. Courage: Courage to task risks

7. Passion: Enthusiastic attitude toward achievement

8. Honesty: Admit your mistake and be honest and fair.

9. Altruism: Farewell to selshness to nd the best idea

Outstanding Performance

- B-level performance with A-level effort -> leaves company

- A-level performance with minimum effort -> more authority, higher salary

Freedom and Responsibilities

1) Small creative group - No leverage in the market

2) Disordered group - Fall into chaos

3) Setting rules - Having a lot of rules means it is hard to quickly adapt to the market

4) Freedom and Responsibilities - Achieve constant growth with creativity, self-discipline, and minimized rules. A more concentrated pool of potential talents.

Context Over Control

Is that task related to the goals of your company/position?

What is your priority?

How important is this job?

How urgent is this job?

Did you approach this job from a discreet and improved perspective?

Did you try to make no mistake?

Who are the main parties?

What is a core index/success?

Strong Connection, Loose Pair

We offer a higher salary than any of our kinds

TIP. Three questions to test the market value of your potential employees

1) How much would they be paid in other companies?

2) Where could you spend this money instead?

3) How much would you pay to have him stay?

Promotion and Self Development